VLOG of Ron Louch

Hey it’s the 21st century! We have more toys, tech and temerity than ever before! So rather than compose long articles full of questionable grammar and creative spelling I shall get on my soapbox and speak my mind. This shall be combined with all the effects and frills my software and curiosity can produce. So pick a title and hit “PLAY”, no reading required and guaranteed not to slow down Candy Crush game performance 😉

  1. Why Discipline is Lazy
  2. What Is a Human For? (discover your life purpose in under 10 minutes)*
  3. Ours Is Not to Reason Why – your brain don’t know
  4. Every Problem IS a Nail
  5. Expanding Your Mind – literally and figuratively
  6. The Minority Advantage – the up side of being out numbered

*Actual results may vary. Not responsible for lack of purpose.

Gen 2 VLOG series! The Mk II posts will be filmed on my new video camera and edited with more versatile software. Some of the posts may be recorded at Poptics Web TV.

  1. Fake Happiness; why I prefer it to the “real” thing
  2. Genuine Happiness; great when you can get it. Meanwhile…
  3. Fake Happiness; the punchline
  4. Energy Centric Universe; it only matters a little
  5. The Border Elements; phlogiston is back!
  6. Limitless Again; is it time to redefine your limits and what limitless is?
  7. Fire and Broccoli; yes I dare to tackle the BIG issues …
  8. Ease Trumps Speed; priorities of user experience
  9. Ron’s Fashion Style Guide; how to dress when nudity is not an option.
  10. Practical vs Panache; why is my shovel boring?
  11. Ayahuasca, a Journey Within; the teacher will appear when you want it badly enough.
  12. Ayahuasca, 4 week reflection; I chronicle my views and insights 28 days after.
  13. Modern Shaman Initiative; what the world needs now…
  14. Ayahuasca Anniversary; hey future self it’s quasi-dirt self here. Remember me?
  15. NEW SERIES! Dream Logic – Introduction; exploring the premise that reality operates on similar principals to our dreams
  16. Dream Logic – How Thoughts Become Things; in dreams every thought you focus on pulls you in deeper
  17. Ayahuasca and SEX ?; OK you frisky folk, let’s look at this.
  18. Dream Logic – Other People; what am I to make of all you other folk here in my dream


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