March Against Monsanto – A Starting Place

March Against MonsantoAnger motivates people. Anger makes a good news story. Anger can be the first step for a person or group in moving from feeling helpless and hopeless to standing up for themselves and taking back their power. While society often frowns on anger and labels it as unacceptable behaviour it is a natural human emotion and it has its place and its time.

Anger is not a good condition to remain in. It is not a healthy way to live and it is not a solution to a problem. It is a step on a journey.

A journey to more natural food, to a closer connection between farmers and consumers, a more cautious approach to chemicals, processing and genetic modification of our environment, less corporate and government control over something so natural as eating; I whole heartedly support these.

I demonstrate these choices every day with my spending, with my food choices, by talking to others about the importance of diet and nutrition and by being a healthy, happy product of a lifestyle.

That lifestyle includes choosing a positive, optimistic emotional state and watching what I take into my mind as well my body. I’m on a low anger and hate mental diet.

I want the government and corporations to see our solidarity. I want public awareness to expand. I want the media to have a good story with some powerful images so that they will put it in front of more people.

So I will be out today for the March Against Monsanto in Brantford as a step in the right direction. But in my mind I’m supporting the March For People 😉

Ron Louch

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