Sun Gazing Diary

I am a pretty open minded fellow. As time has passed I have come to appreciate many things in life that, at first, were so outside of my realm of knowledge and experience, they were not taken seriously. Sun gazing is a subject which reappears on my radar fairly regularly. Since my research shows it is harmless, and many people that seem pretty aware recommend it, I’m going to try it. If that goes smoothly I’ll do it.



June 9;

Location; Lorne Bridge Time:8:25 PM Conditions; some cloud in front of sun

10 sec

Comments; So I actually got out and caught the sun tonight at 8:20.

June 13;

Location; Holiday Inn Dr Time:8:40 Conditions; very clear (after rain)

15 sec

Comments; since it was somewhat cloudy on the 9th I did 15 seconds in the intense light tonight. My eyes feel funny. It did not hurt but it is hard to look at for the first few seconds. Spots faded quickly. My eyes felt odd for a couple of hours after.

June 14;

Location; Mt. Pleasant Rd just south of Brantford Time; 8:45 Conditions; clear

20 sec

Comments; Caught the sunset on my way home last night. 20 seconds already seems like a long time to look at the sun. Eyes felt normal after though. Not enlightened yet lol. Eyes dodge about very persistently. Hard to focus on sun. I noticed an orange/green stain on my vision for the rest of the evening.

June 16;

Location; yard Time 8:30 Conditions; clear

30 sec

Comments; Still hard to focus on sun. After image looks like ball with a long tail, almost like circle on centre of cross. Image fades quickly. I swear I could hear a hum in the back of my head as the sun rose the next morning.

June 17;

Location;yard Time;8:30 Conditions; clear

40 sec

Comments; Squinting hard. Easier to focus on edge of sun where it meets the sky. More curious mental sensations when I meditate in the mornings.

June 18;

Location;yard Time;8:30 Conditions; clear

50 sec

Comments; Experimenting with looking all around edges of sun to expose more area at back of eye to light. Getting easier to look at sun.

June 20;

Location; yard Time; 8:30 Conditions; clear

1 min

Comments; I would say my mood has improved and my insight into events and observation of life patterns is better than usual. When I hear a good point or observe a situation working out my mind is connecting up new events with past events and lessons more than I recall ever having done before. Neat.

Saw Man of Steel after gazing. Went to see show on impulse. The scene when Clark holds his fingers up to the “yellow sun” and recharges his strength struck a deep chord in me.

June 21;

Location; yard Time; 8:30 Conditions; clear

1 min 10 sec

Comments; Everything “normal”. Why have we been warned off from looking at the sun?

I got into a good patch of poison ivy a few days ago. Can’t help but wonder if the acid and my bodies reaction is a part of something necessary.

June 23;

Location; yard Time; 8:30 Conditions; clear

1 min 20 sec

Comments; It is getting easier to look at the sun. Not squinting, eyes are not darting away from disc. I think a timer might be helpful now so I can allow my mind to go where it will instead of needing to count the seconds.

June 24;

Location; yard Time; 8:30 Conditions; haze and some cloud

1 min 30 sec

Comments; Very orange tonight. Easy to observe.

June 26;

Location; yard Time; 8:30 Conditions; haze and some cloud

1 min 40 sec

Comments; Very orange tonight too. Easy to observe. Probably went overtime as my timer stops if my phone tries to alert me to something – which it did.

July 1;

Location; yard Time; 8:20 Conditions; haze

2 min 10 sec

Comments; Been adding ten seconds a day when the sun is visible with nothing notable to report. Today started off with squinting and the sun seeming uncomfortably bright but that subsided after 15 seconds or so and I could make out clouds, vapour and features on the sun’s disc. At about a minute my entire field of vision took on a mauve/purple hue except for the sun itself. Previously I have noticed that the area around the sun itself has appeared purple but this is the first time the hole sky switched to purple. It happened suddenly and quite noticeably.

July 7;

Location; yard Conditions; haze, light clouds, clear

3 min

Comments; Up to 3 minutes now. Seems like a long time to look at the sun. A bit of an orange after image left on my vision. Memories from past dreams, articles and speakers suddenly come into context sometimes, I see how they could be referring to sun gazing, the sun itself, etc.

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