My First Broken Bone. How Exciting.

Life is not intended to be a spectator sport. Get off the sidelines and put yourself in the game. Our magnificent bodies are meant to move and twist, stretch and leap, climb and intertwine. While this may lead to injury, our ability to heal is limited only by our beliefs. While it could lead even to our death, well no one gets out of this life alive. While there is some chance of injury, there is also a certainty of joy, of health, of invigoration and rejuvenation in getting out and moving your body.

image of bone bump

the sharp, conspicuous bump that told me I had broken my collar bone

While exploring the miles of beautiful trails around Brantford via bicycle I had a small mishap and broke my right collar bone. I heard it break with a delicate click as I struck the ground. “Well this will change some plans.” I thought to myself as I tested the extent of my injuries.

I checked to see if my smart phone had been damaged.

My usual riding companion, Robert, helped me recover my bicycle from down the slope and we walked the short distance to his home together. The bike rolled along fine, nearly unscathed, and my phone still worked so we called ahead and planned my options for treatment with family. My shoulder felt more sickening than painful at this point.

The usual ER admittance and waiting procedures ensued in predictable fashion. Delightful new pain medications were tried and some persistent negotiations with the doctors in attendance that afternoon resulted in plans for evening surgery to set the bone with a small metal plate. The shape of the fracture was such that the bone would not remain in alignment without some help. A perfect working out of staff, meal times, medications and opportunities unfolded and I had the most refreshing sleep of my life under anaesthetic.

The nurses, interns, Doctors and O.R. staff were excellent, informative, friendly and honestly caring people. Thank you very much Brantford General Hospital staff !

As an outpatient I was released a short time after I awoke from the anaesthetic. Julie was kind enough to pick me up and I arrived home about 2 AM Monday. I felt surprisingly refreshed and pain free. But VERY HUNGRY. Fortunately there were ample quantities of Mega Bean Chilli laid up in the refrigerator. Nom nom nom.

I had Julie collect up a mountain of pillows which I arranged in a sitting/sleeping arrangement on the bed and carefully positioned myself in their midst. The alarm on my clock was set for 6 AM. I had big plans for the week. 5 days of volunteering with a local not-for-profit helping small businesses in different cities.

Sometimes I need to let go of my illusion of control and just trust in friends and the universe. I made it through the entire week of travel and business just fine. But that is another story …

When sudden and traumatic events happen in our lives we often try to determine why. Why me, how did this happen, could it have been prevented, should I do things differently in the future, is there some “divine” purpose or plan at work ?

Please share your thinking on why things like a broken bone happen.

Later I will add a video discussing the results of the poll and my thoughts.

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