I Decide Discipline is the Lazy Way

I have found that we can take almost any belief we hold, turn it 180 degrees around to look at it the opposite way, and find new truth. Recently I had a look at my views on DISCIPLINE.

Besides laziness there are other reasons we may be settling for a life of “have to” and pushing ourselves on a regular basis. Fear and feelings of powerlessness, lack of knowledge or a rigid belief system can make the world seem like it has no other options than just toughing it out and enduring what is necessary to survive.

The schooling and suggestion that are offered by those in authority tend to encourage viewpoints that will have us volunteer to settle for less, work hard and be afraid to step up into our power and independence. Honestly the smoke screen is so impenetrable it is hard to conceive of the options we truly have open to us.

Realize you can choose what you will do and how you will go about it. Hold your thought and start moving in the direction of your vision. It may take a long time however if you are as stubborn and obtuse as myself lol.

Look carefully for role models and mentors that are living lives of joy and grace. They may be in odd places as most of them do not hold positions of respect or prominence in the framework of our economic and political system. At first they me seem to be the undesirable and outcasts in many instances. But many also choose to use their understanding to win at the game of commerce and move through life with uncanny ease. They usually do not have anything to prove and don’t make much noise so keep your eyes open.

There are as many ways to live on this planet as there are people. Choose your path and watch for the clues.

I realized that the purpose of being here, now, as a human on this planet, is to feel as good as we can with as much intelligence as we can. I’ll cover that in my next post …


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