Collar Bone Update (with comic!)

So I have been to the Doctor a couple more times about my clavicle fracture. As it turns out the bone broke in a messy fashion and there were 4 pieces of it needing to fuse together again. Surgery was indeed the best choice as months would likely have passed with no proper healing otherwise.

In the x-ray image you can see the plate holding things in place and the 2 extra screws that each hold a piece in position.


As it is things are healing wonderfully. The scar from surgery is very fine and the bones are mending in a superb manner. There is little discomfort actually. My shoulder joint is the most painful aspect of the break (although the clavicle can feel very odd at times). I have been given the ok to start using the joint again, but it is letting me know that it is still healing if I get too enthusiastic lol.


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