Charge of the Light Brigade

“Why” is not our strong point.
Our brains are excellent observers of what is going on. And by excellent I mean very entertaining and delightful gatherers of sensations, lights, sounds, smells and such. We actually miss massive amounts of reality all around us and sense our environment very selectively. But we sure have fun.
We watch it all go by and wonder “why”. Our brain doesn’t answer that question well.
Sure, poke yourself in the eye and you know “why” your eye hurts. Actually you know “what” happened to make your eye hurt. And you can accurately postulate what would happen if you poked yourself in the other eye.
But you don’t know “why”.

So ok I played a word game with “why”. But surely our brains are fantastic at figuring out “how” things came to be. Don’t be so sure.
I’ll look at that next time…


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