Fake Happiness

As I touched upon in “The Purpose of a Human“, my emotional response and anticipation is a significant aspect of my experience living here. As much as touch or vision, my feelings are a constant part of my interaction with events and environment. They are more than a physiological trigger for bodily functions and not just a control for herd behaviour. My emotions are a prime motivator, and at least as influential as logic in my decision making process. Science is finally acknowledging the significance and value of being happy and offering insights into the calculated approach to feeling good .

All modesty may be false but all happiness is actually genuine. Follow along in the next post as I explore the science and reason behind artificial joy.

Part 2; Take Back Your Control


3 thoughts on “Fake Happiness

  1. I google searched “work after ayahuasca” because I went through a ceremony two weeks ago after which I felt bliss. Now I’m back to my depressed suicide pondering self. You’re videos are helping me a lot and I just want to thank you. I live in southern Ca.

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