Fake Happiness; take back your control

One of the best aspects of calculated joy is its autonomy. It is self-induced, internally regulated, personally administered and does not rely on factors outside ourself. This is unlike nearly every promoted and recognized system in today’s bought media system.

Incorporating the following detailed ranting in a video would have resulted in lots of obvious reading into the camera. So for this post please read these brilliant insights for yourself. Please read in Morgan Freeman’s voice lol.

We live on a giant magnet, gripped by gravity, spinning through space with inertia, spewing steam and molten lava, blasted by electrical arcs of lightning approx 44 times a second, scoured by howling winds, doused by torrential rain, with about 165 major rivers and countless millions of smaller ones with an estimated 9,000,000 waterfalls, growing countless tons of plant matter and trillions of animals and microbes producing billions of tons of hydrocarbons, methane and alcohol while being irradiated by sunlight which delivers about 12.2 trillion watt-hours per square mile per year. The entire system is bursting with energy.
How have the big energy companies manoeuvred us into fossil fuels?
With lots coercion, lobbying and media talk about the shortage or crisis for their fake energy solution.

Each of us came forth naked and helpless and slowly became aware of ourselves and our environment. Trusting to be guided by parents, our elders and society in our understanding of ourselves and our world we are eventually confronted by the holy man, a guide to God. Somehow our personal relationship with the God/Goddess/source/creator is unreliable or faulty and we can only understand our purpose and Godd’s will for us if we listen to this fellow who somehow now knows everything? There is a spirituality shortage. Of course the holy man generously offers to satisfy this shortage with fake spirituality. How did religion claim a monopoly on the universe’s most abundant resource – Godd?

Government has talked us out of land, minerals, resources and Godd given rights, and substituted “freedom” and taxes. They team up with corporations to sell our own resources back to us. Thank goodness the government is looking into these shortages and saving us from our vulnerable helplessness with fake assistance.

We fund huge armies to fill the demand created by the immense peace shortage on the planet. Armies supply fake peace at best.

Big pharmacy and medicine have hoodwinked us out of good nutrition and our body’s latent ability to heal itself and gotten us to pay to get better. We won’t heal without a Doctor? The medical system sells fake health.

The food companies and government have regulated us away from buying food directly from farmers and producers with real things to eat, stuffed us up with lots of non-perishable foodlike chemicals and, I believe, are implicit in the plot to get us to eradicate the edible plants and animals that would naturally spring up all on their own and replace them with ridiculous grass.
Food is naturally found lying about in profusion nearly everywhere humans care to hang out on this planet. How did they trick us out of that bit?
Pizza, that’s how. GMO grains, processed foods and hormone fed meats are the fake foods offered to combat the designed food shortage.

Dating companies battle the affection shortage.

Diet companies battle the willpower shortage.

Gyms battle the exercise shortage.

Sports satisfy the conflict shortage.

There is a shortage of real teachers, resulting in a shortage of real knowledge. This is a self-perpetuating cycle. Draw your own conclusions about the education system.

Coming back to our theme;

Yes there is a huge happiness shortage on the planet. It has actually been created by the people trying to sell you home furnishings, antidepressants, alcohol, the American dream and a PhD. Due to social awareness they have been a bit too circumspect with their messaging lately and are currently a bit out of vogue with a market that has heard it all before. Thus leaving the door wide open for me to go directly to your heart’s desire and offer authentic reproduction happiness!
Just like real happiness only better. And by better I mean cheaper and faster.

Who has time to bear offspring or wait for them to graduate from some arbitrary level of academia to get a dose of real happiness?

If your Ferrari is in the shop can you still smile?

If you come in second will that “participant” trophy make your heart glad?

New romance is a definite cloud 9 but unpredictable and unreliable to trust with something as important as your life happiness.

Fake happiness to the rescue. Synthetic joy is a decision away. You have had the power all along to choose your emotional state and be master of your inner world, but you were carefully talked out of it.

Try looking into the work of Joe Dispenza, Shawn Achor or Bruce Lipton. This is where science is going.

Search “happiness” on the TED website for refreshing views from some great thinkers.

Mostly start taking an interest in and learning about the ways you can manufacture your own happiness which is as good or better than the store-bought stuff.

More insights on genuine fake happiness in my next post.


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