The Border Elements

For some time now in man’s history it has been considered smart, wise, obvious, scientific to only believe what we can see. To discount anything that cannot be touched, felt, weighed, measured and repeated with precision. This has lead to great advancements in physics and inventions that use this new physics to operate.

Some areas of investigation defy this approach. As we measure and examine with ever more precision and comparison our understanding is leading us back to some notions that we thought were left behind in the “dark ages” of ignorance and suspicion. Like the notion of Earth, Water, Air and Fire being the constituents of the world.

Everything old is new again. Quantum physics, psychology, neurology and energy sciences may well bring us full circle to an understanding that ancient cultures would be quite agreeable to. Are you guilty of holding on to out-dated understandings? Look ahead, wonder and trust your gut.


One thought on “The Border Elements

  1. You may notice the slips and mess ups are not decreasing – I keep adding more gear, effects and gimmicks – the learning curve will crest eventually and things will get more polished. It’s just a VLOG

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