Ayahuasca Anniversary; it’s been a year already!

1 year ago a swallowed a small cup of the worst tasting liquid I have ever drank.

An hour later I was getting a tour of my inner cosmos, the template level of my personal experience and the reassurance that I was an eternal aspect of all-that-is.

Powerful stuff! The most incredible few hours of teaching, psycho therapy and healing I have ever experienced.

The next morning after I awoke (about 10 times in a row actually as I could slide back in time and re-experience that moment over and over until I got it “right”) everything had changed and nothing had changed.

The world still looked the same. I still looked the same. The news had the same headlines and the same bills were in the mail. But I was completely different as well.

Integrating these new views and understandings into life in some sort of practical way  has been my focus for 12 months now. Here is a video message to my future self to track that progress…

I get it. This life is mine. From this moment on I declare, in my world; Everything good succeeds. Whatever supports the all, is logical. Love is more powerful. The best things in life ARE free. Improvement is constant. Delight is essential. Sharing is first nature. Anything else is unthinkable. Amen.

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