Ron lives in Brantford Ontario and occasionally speaks of himself in the 3rd person (like now lol). At the time of this writing I am 47 years old, own a rental property, work for the United Brotherhood of Carpenters a few months a year and share healthy chocolate products from Xocai with others because I use them with great results and because they pay us to !

While I enjoy all sorts of activities I tend to spend many hours in the garage faddeling with some piece of automotive paraphernalia most frequently.

Update; I am 50! I have said goodbye to the Carpenters’ Union. Working on my rental property, Bitcoin, odd jobs and community. Apparently I will need to add another endeavour to my enterprises soon as this is a lovely way to go broke lol.

I am exploring spirituality, shamanism, plant medicine and feminine energy in general it seems. Where shall it lead…

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, Ron! I had the pleasure to see your video on youtube. I was immediately intrigued.I live near Parry Sound, Ontario and would be interested to know more about your plant medicine ceremonies. Thanks! Theresa

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