Dream Logic – Other People

If this life works much like a dream, then what role do the people in my dreams play? Are they fellow dreamers whom I encounter in my dream or are they characters in my stories? Do they have any power over me in themselves or only what power I give them? Are they caught up in this story with me or just playing their parts to move my story along? Do they need help? Can I help them? Do I need their help? I’ve been looking at these questions…

Stay tuned as I pull the stops on my personal heresy and think all the thoughts.

Ayahuasca Anniversary; it’s been a year already!

1 year ago a swallowed a small cup of the worst tasting liquid I have ever drank.

An hour later I was getting a tour of my inner cosmos, the template level of my personal experience and the reassurance that I was an eternal aspect of all-that-is.

Powerful stuff! The most incredible few hours of teaching, psycho therapy and healing I have ever experienced.

The next morning after I awoke (about 10 times in a row actually as I could slide back in time and re-experience that moment over and over until I got it “right”) everything had changed and nothing had changed.

The world still looked the same. I still looked the same. The news had the same headlines and the same bills were in the mail. But I was completely different as well.

Integrating these new views and understandings into life in some sort of practical way  has been my focus for 12 months now. Here is a video message to my future self to track that progress…

I get it. This life is mine. From this moment on I declare, in my world; Everything good succeeds. Whatever supports the all, is logical. Love is more powerful. The best things in life ARE free. Improvement is constant. Delight is essential. Sharing is first nature. Anything else is unthinkable. Amen.

Modern Shaman Initiative

Do you pray?

Do you believe that speaking or thinking privately to yourself somehow reaches the awareness of the divine?

This is a very widespread belief.

From here it is a small step to accept other forms of communication, of seeing, hearing, receiving and transmitting information and experience to/from a realm of spirit. A dimension of energy and conciousness that quantum physics, religion, spirituality and personal experience hold to be real.

I have prayed and meditated in various forms my entire life. The most profound, effective and undeniable teaching and communication I have ever experienced has been from plant teachers.

Learning from and participating in the time proven ceremonies of Shaman with their plant allies has pulled back the curtain and given me clear insights into the nature of myself and this reality – which are in fact the same.

The truth is that we can experience a wide range of truth and our beliefs will play out as accurate for ourself. This quickly erodes and balances our materialistic, realist, reductionist views and cements our experience of all being one.

This could be the greatest single force to awaken mankind and our societies to the reality of our spiritual nature and cause sweeping changes in our choices, social models and day to day living.

I’m on a mission, from Godd, or myself. Whatever 😉

Are you open? We are arranging for ways for more people, like yourself, to get into contact with and experience the modern shaman and their plants.

Want to help? To encourage? To support this initiative?

All donations will be passed on to the shaman and facilitators if you attend an event we are organizing.

Bitcoin address 15szykTAvPjHkhRZ5sfYWz7Ue4SFrPQx43

Dogecoin address DNwy5cAYauJWFEDj1YXx2nuFqY2j69i5Sg

and Indiegogo coming soon!


Ayahuasca, a Journey Within

If you allow yourself to see the spiritual in the everyday and the magical in the commonplace life can gently nudge you in new directions.

Conversely you can be dragged screaming if you are as obtuse as I am.

Searching, asking and meditating may lead us to answers in places we choose to disqualify. Everything is here for a reason. Be open to new possibilities. Examine your labels. When the student is ready the teacher will appear.

Are you ready?

Stay tuned for reflections on how this weekend changes my life in weeks to come.

Thanks for your encouragement!

Bitcoin address 15szykTAvPjHkhRZ5sfYWz7Ue4SFrPQx43

Dogecoin address DNwy5cAYauJWFEDj1YXx2nuFqY2j69i5Sg


Artsy Fartsy Carpentry Pics

When I work in the Carpenter’s Union they don’t have much use for artists. Getting maximum production daily in good, basic construction techniques is the goal.

When free to pursue my own muse I eagerly incorporate art into my projects. Injecting interest, creativity, amusement and (with any luck) fun into a job acknowledges our human psyche. Doing things in a pleasant fashion is my idea of success.

Recently I have been helping my friends at Smashing Pixels set up their new offices. Without stern adult supervision I have once again deviated from what is strictly necessary. First with the fabrication of a sound booth and secondly with mounting a 48″ flat screen TV in the board room.



I needed a good, solid, sound deadening door. So I found a good solid specimen of a used door from fine lineage.

opened up

opened up

First I opened it up so I could add sound insulation.

add frame

add frame

Next I added a frame to add some thickness so more sound deadening material would fit in it.

heavy skin with design lines

heavy skin with design lines

A heavy skin of particle board was trimmed to fit. Now to add some style.

routering out style sections.

routering out style sections.

Using the router to add some depth and dimension, dare I say, art.



After a great deal of router work, pounds of dust and a lot of stairs with locked doors at frequent intervals, the door is mounted.

painted and hardware installed

painted and hardware installed

It fit perfectly even though the frame and door had never met before. Seems I can measure.
Hopefully this will create an attitude of play and assist those recording themselves to get into role. Do you think people will see this room and get curious enough to ask about it?

the world is listening...

the world is listening…

A motivated bargain hunter, I found this suitable and sturdy mount for the 48″ flatscreen going into the office at a great price in a local store.

fully articulating mount

fully articulating mount

The big TV is HEAVY. It must be attached to wall studs. Many studs with many fasteners. The studs aren’t centered on the wall where I want the TV and the mount does not provide a large enough base for lots of screws. So I will bolt this to the wall and the mount to this.

wall mount fancy plywood with shelf

wall mount fancy plywood with shelf

The board standing in the middle is intended to hide wires and cords running between the screen and devices. See…

hidden wire slot

hidden wire slot

Also some minor shelf and wire loom action are hidden below the unit.

discreet place for adapters, wires, etc.

discreet place for adapters, wires, etc.

Here it is holding the TV, and the attention of all present 🙂

shhh, my show is on

shhh, my show is on

Collar Bone Update (with comic!)

So I have been to the Doctor a couple more times about my clavicle fracture. As it turns out the bone broke in a messy fashion and there were 4 pieces of it needing to fuse together again. Surgery was indeed the best choice as months would likely have passed with no proper healing otherwise.

In the x-ray image you can see the plate holding things in place and the 2 extra screws that each hold a piece in position.


As it is things are healing wonderfully. The scar from surgery is very fine and the bones are mending in a superb manner. There is little discomfort actually. My shoulder joint is the most painful aspect of the break (although the clavicle can feel very odd at times). I have been given the ok to start using the joint again, but it is letting me know that it is still healing if I get too enthusiastic lol.


My First Broken Bone. How Exciting.

Life is not intended to be a spectator sport. Get off the sidelines and put yourself in the game. Our magnificent bodies are meant to move and twist, stretch and leap, climb and intertwine. While this may lead to injury, our ability to heal is limited only by our beliefs. While it could lead even to our death, well no one gets out of this life alive. While there is some chance of injury, there is also a certainty of joy, of health, of invigoration and rejuvenation in getting out and moving your body.

image of bone bump

the sharp, conspicuous bump that told me I had broken my collar bone

While exploring the miles of beautiful trails around Brantford via bicycle I had a small mishap and broke my right collar bone. I heard it break with a delicate click as I struck the ground. “Well this will change some plans.” I thought to myself as I tested the extent of my injuries.

I checked to see if my smart phone had been damaged.

My usual riding companion, Robert, helped me recover my bicycle from down the slope and we walked the short distance to his home together. The bike rolled along fine, nearly unscathed, and my phone still worked so we called ahead and planned my options for treatment with family. My shoulder felt more sickening than painful at this point.

The usual ER admittance and waiting procedures ensued in predictable fashion. Delightful new pain medications were tried and some persistent negotiations with the doctors in attendance that afternoon resulted in plans for evening surgery to set the bone with a small metal plate. The shape of the fracture was such that the bone would not remain in alignment without some help. A perfect working out of staff, meal times, medications and opportunities unfolded and I had the most refreshing sleep of my life under anaesthetic.

The nurses, interns, Doctors and O.R. staff were excellent, informative, friendly and honestly caring people. Thank you very much Brantford General Hospital staff !

As an outpatient I was released a short time after I awoke from the anaesthetic. Julie was kind enough to pick me up and I arrived home about 2 AM Monday. I felt surprisingly refreshed and pain free. But VERY HUNGRY. Fortunately there were ample quantities of Mega Bean Chilli laid up in the refrigerator. Nom nom nom.

I had Julie collect up a mountain of pillows which I arranged in a sitting/sleeping arrangement on the bed and carefully positioned myself in their midst. The alarm on my clock was set for 6 AM. I had big plans for the week. 5 days of volunteering with a local not-for-profit helping small businesses in different cities.

Sometimes I need to let go of my illusion of control and just trust in friends and the universe. I made it through the entire week of travel and business just fine. But that is another story …

When sudden and traumatic events happen in our lives we often try to determine why. Why me, how did this happen, could it have been prevented, should I do things differently in the future, is there some “divine” purpose or plan at work ?

Please share your thinking on why things like a broken bone happen.

Later I will add a video discussing the results of the poll and my thoughts.