4 Valve Mustang Project

I’ve been avoiding the day I would drive a Mustang most of my life for some reason. An automobile that is small, sporty, rear wheel drive and fits a V8 engine sums up about what I desire in a ride, but it’s a Ford. So what happened ?

I had an Infiniti, and I fitted it with some staggered Cobra R rims, the rims outlived the car so I went shopping for a new car for my killer rims which of course fit perfectly on a 96 Mustang convertible which was being sold very reasonable and here I am.

I must say the SN95 Stangs ride much nicer and feel more solid than the FOX bodies. But I found the 4.6 a little unimpressive, So I swapped in a DOHC 4.6 from a 93 Lincoln Mark VIII. It’s more fun now.

Check it out

Mustang Video

too long Stang Video

I’ve got an album of build pics over HERE