Dream Logic – How Thoughts Become Things

While meditating, especially using an entheogen, I can sense my thoughts as objects, even see them as geometric patterns at times. In this video I explore my interpretation of what I sense and see while watching myself think. As I consider a thought, explore it, it pulls me in closer and sprouts possibilities and avenues that I can choose which then repeat the process endlessly. Somewhat like a kaleidoscope, fractal in nature, and luring me ever forward into physical reality springing forth from mind.

Did any of that make sense? lol

Expanding Your Mind and/or Brain

If there ever was a list ambiguous exhortations “Expand your mind” would be on it. In fact, nothing could be easier and one might have to be in a coma or watching a major television network to avoid expanding the mind. Let me explain…

Got it? Now go Google “brain food” and eat something tasty that will build new brain cells while you contemplate what you never dared to consider 😉

Realize that every component of your experience is created inside your mind. The colour blue is just a vibration until you give it a hue, no one sees the sky the same way you do. If I were to drive from here to Florida I literally create 1500 miles of highway and scenery in my mind, from my unique perspective. No one else hears a song just like you do.

When you think something new or sense something novel in your mind you literally expand your universe. That means you have literally added to THE universe. Perhaps that is why we are all here in the first place.

Therefore my spelling mistakes actually add to the sum total of the universe and the grammar police can chew on that 😀