Ethereum Chaindata File


Ethereum is making waves in the crypto industry of late as a novel, visionary and well supported player in blockchain technology.

People who have some GPU based mining hardware, like myself, may be smart to mine some ETH because it is profitable to do so now or to hold against future value increase. Those who are developing an application that rides on the Ethereum blockchain may also need to run a node.

Setting up the hardware to run a node or to mine ETH is relatively simple, however there is a bottle neck for those of us with slower processors or less than stellar internet connections: syncing the blockchain data contained in the chain data file.

It took me several days and moving my main desktop server to access a faster internet connection to finally get up to the current block. Throughout the process I kept wishing there was a way to just download the chain data file instead of having GETH process it in real time from network peers on the ETH system.

If you too are having difficulty getting your node synced with the network a fairly current version of the chaindata  file is available for download here.

Simply download the file and use the IMPORT command to install.

Note; when I messed up my conversion/update process on June 22nd this file let me restart the upgrade and allow it to finish successfully.


Plug’n’play Ethereum mining

A 64 Gb bootable USB or SATA device preloaded with Ubuntu 14.04, Geth, CPP-Ethereum and Etherminer so you can mine with your GPU graphics card in your current machine. Just plug it in, reboot your machine, open a terminal window (ctrl+alt+t), create a new account(geth account new), start geth (geth) and let it sync with the last few days of Ethereum activity, then START MINING!


Dream Logic – Other People

If this life works much like a dream, then what role do the people in my dreams play? Are they fellow dreamers whom I encounter in my dream or are they characters in my stories? Do they have any power over me in themselves or only what power I give them? Are they caught up in this story with me or just playing their parts to move my story along? Do they need help? Can I help them? Do I need their help? I’ve been looking at these questions…

Stay tuned as I pull the stops on my personal heresy and think all the thoughts.

Ayahuasca and SEX ?

OK I never expected to be covering these two subjects together. Yet I find on the forums and blogs and even at ceremonies the idea comes up regularly.

So for what it’s worth, here is what I say about that…

Maybe just stick with the wine and chocolate when you want some romance?

Thanks for your encouragement!
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Dream Logic – How Thoughts Become Things

While meditating, especially using an entheogen, I can sense my thoughts as objects, even see them as geometric patterns at times. In this video I explore my interpretation of what I sense and see while watching myself think. As I consider a thought, explore it, it pulls me in closer and sprouts possibilities and avenues that I can choose which then repeat the process endlessly. Somewhat like a kaleidoscope, fractal in nature, and luring me ever forward into physical reality springing forth from mind.

Did any of that make sense? lol

Dream Logic; Introduction

Most of my life I have used a materialist sort of cause-and-effect logic as if the universe was composed of matter and operated according to “laws” of physics. As if actions and efforts were the path to results.

Lately I have been struck by the intuition that this reality is much more like the realm of dreams than I ever imagined. If so an entirely different type of logic and action is required to achieve desired results.

Let’s explore this distinction…

Thanks for your encouragement and engagement!

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Ayahuasca Anniversary; it’s been a year already!

1 year ago a swallowed a small cup of the worst tasting liquid I have ever drank.

An hour later I was getting a tour of my inner cosmos, the template level of my personal experience and the reassurance that I was an eternal aspect of all-that-is.

Powerful stuff! The most incredible few hours of teaching, psycho therapy and healing I have ever experienced.

The next morning after I awoke (about 10 times in a row actually as I could slide back in time and re-experience that moment over and over until I got it “right”) everything had changed and nothing had changed.

The world still looked the same. I still looked the same. The news had the same headlines and the same bills were in the mail. But I was completely different as well.

Integrating these new views and understandings into life in some sort of practical way  has been my focus for 12 months now. Here is a video message to my future self to track that progress…

I get it. This life is mine. From this moment on I declare, in my world; Everything good succeeds. Whatever supports the all, is logical. Love is more powerful. The best things in life ARE free. Improvement is constant. Delight is essential. Sharing is first nature. Anything else is unthinkable. Amen.

Modern Shaman Initiative

Do you pray?

Do you believe that speaking or thinking privately to yourself somehow reaches the awareness of the divine?

This is a very widespread belief.

From here it is a small step to accept other forms of communication, of seeing, hearing, receiving and transmitting information and experience to/from a realm of spirit. A dimension of energy and conciousness that quantum physics, religion, spirituality and personal experience hold to be real.

I have prayed and meditated in various forms my entire life. The most profound, effective and undeniable teaching and communication I have ever experienced has been from plant teachers.

Learning from and participating in the time proven ceremonies of Shaman with their plant allies has pulled back the curtain and given me clear insights into the nature of myself and this reality – which are in fact the same.

The truth is that we can experience a wide range of truth and our beliefs will play out as accurate for ourself. This quickly erodes and balances our materialistic, realist, reductionist views and cements our experience of all being one.

This could be the greatest single force to awaken mankind and our societies to the reality of our spiritual nature and cause sweeping changes in our choices, social models and day to day living.

I’m on a mission, from Godd, or myself. Whatever 😉

Are you open? We are arranging for ways for more people, like yourself, to get into contact with and experience the modern shaman and their plants.

Want to help? To encourage? To support this initiative?

All donations will be passed on to the shaman and facilitators if you attend an event we are organizing.

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and Indiegogo coming soon!